FS: Surplus, Knight, GE, B&W etc. Test gear and Radio items

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu May 20 09:50:01 EDT 2004


KNIGHT Impedance Bridge.
Also marked Allied radio Co. Unit is in very good shape and
has the original knob. Includes R and X scales with chart affixed
to the rear. A classic piece of Knight Kit equipment.
Available for $35.00 plus shipping

General Electric Tube Caddy - Bright Orange
Full sized model in great shape. Solidly built wooden case.
Tolex cover material is in great shape - better than most others
that I have seen. Has a very minor amount of surface rust on corners
but will clean up nicely and is in superb condition in every other way.
Internal fold-out drawers and snaps are in great shape too.
Will sell for $59.00 plus shipping

Barker And Williamson Model 600 Grid Dip Meter
This is the CATHEDRAL unit and is in beautiful shape.
This uses a 9005 Acorn tube, and operates on 120V AC.
Unit comes with all coils in their case and is in
excellent working condition.
Available for $65.00 plus shipping

Frequency Meter CKB-74028 - Military surplus.
Similar to LM-7 etc. Great for building a regenerative
or superhet receiver etc.
Similar design to the LM-7 and others. Comes with the
Will sell for $45.00 plus shipping

TIC Tracer
AC signal tracer. It's in great shape and in the box.
It appears to be some kind of signal tracer.
Good deal for you if you know what to do with it.
Will sell for $20.00 plus shipping

Hickock/Bird 52 Ohm Dummy Load - air-cooled
Good for up to 200 watts of RF.
Designed for VHF but will also work fine on HF.
Has tap for wattmeter sampling. Uses Type 'N' connector.
Adapter included for use with BNC connectors.
Will sell for $49.00 plus shipping

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