Robert Oliver robert_o1948 at YAHOO.COM
Tue Nov 2 22:48:07 EST 2004

TRC-68+  One TRC-68, AT-197,Handset,Spkr,and spare RT chassis , RT is Gov. recon. Fully functional----------------------------------$950.00 + 225 page Maint. Manual
BC-745(*) Replacement chassis for SCR-511(*)---------$60.00 ea.
BC-221AH Wooden case perf cond. order#3452 PHILA 43 ser#6198& matching cal. bk. Unit has home brew AC supply, but no mods made---------------B.O.
Two CS-137, Both missing 25-30 xtals in same range------------B.O.
NOS BC-659,1335 Xtals in orig. bxs. stock no. 2Z3543.4-384,280,362,283,273,386,374,275,312,332,and352-----------------B.O.
BC-1335 Gov. Recon wMWO updates to 1335A, Perf inside & out---B.O.
+ other stuff all green or black. I am interested in 2 BC-611's complete or everything but chass.
Robert Oliver KA6KYR  robert_o1948 at yahoo.com or  Robert19972 at aol.com
73's and thanks

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