Thermal Grease

Garey Barrell k4oah at MINDSPRING.COM
Thu Nov 4 09:33:12 EST 2004

Bill -


We used to play with mercury, "plating" pennies was popular.   (Also
laying them on railroad tracks, but that's another story!)   Dropping
mercury on a hardwood floor was also fun.

I suspect I still have mercury in some old fillings.

My feet (Size 13 Narrow) were fluoroscoped many times.

One of my early ham radio experiences was connecting a Heath QF-1
Q_Multiplier to my AC/DC clock radio.  Blew the house fuses a couple of
times before I got the power supply / grounding worked out!   (The clock
radio was the second IF and Passband Tuner for my BC-454 aircraft
receiver.  IF = 1415 kHz.)

My first transmitter, a QSL-40 single 6L6 with 600V on the plate was
built in the "slat-board" style from the Handbook.

I believe we had BeO loaded thermal grease, but I'm sure it hasn't been
used for MANY years.  By the way, I didn't eat any of it!!

73, Garey - K4OAH

p.s. Go Big Blue!!

Bill Fuqua wrote:

> I seem to remember that years ago there were warnings about contact with
> the white grease. Remember many medications in the 1950s had mercury in
> them. And watches had radium dials and remember the shoe stores with the
> fluoroscopes? There was a time before people really cared about these
> things. I remember reading soldering tip in one of the ham magazines. It
> suggested holding the solder in your mouth when a third hand was needed.
> Most of the inexpensive radios had 110 VAC on their chassis or common.
> Many
> of the transmitter projects had exposed high voltage.
> All I am saying is that it is possible that someone did produce a produce
> with BeO in it taking into account the concerns those days. No
> products in
> the past 30 or maybe 40 years surely have had BeO in powder form in them.
> 73
> Bill wa4lav

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