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peter A markavage pmarkavage at JUNO.COM
Fri Nov 5 17:32:38 EST 2004

I remember building this split band processor. Even had a PC board for
it. Don't remember if the author provided a source for the board or it
came from pc board manufacturers (FAR). I remember OP amps all over the
place. It might even still be around here somewhere. Seem to remember
having some problems with it but details are much to fuzzy to remember.
Speech processors seem to be the rage back in the 70's. I seem to
remember even Bob Heil did a construction article on one. Disco was
probably the blame for all of this.

Pete, wa2cwa

> The Fisk review was followed in the September 1979 issue of Ham
> Radio by
> an excellent theory and construction article by Wes Stewart, N7WS,
> called "Split Band Speech Processor."  The circuit must have been
> pretty
> close to the Vomax as it generated a response, published in the
> February
> 1980 issue from Walter Schreurer of Maximillian Associates.
> I built Stewart's split band processor and A/B tested it against my
> Vomax.  The sound was similar but not exactly the same.  Both
> generally
> got good to excellent reviews from listeners who were not
> congenitally
> opposed to any kind of audio processing.  8*)
> I honestly can't remember whether the schematic for the Vomax was
> included or not, but I'm inclined to think Pete is right.
> 73,
> --
> Ken K4XL
> k4xl at arrl.net

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