FS: Hallicrafters HT-32 plus freebees

Joseph Lutz tazzie at LOCALNET.COM
Mon Nov 15 19:24:13 EST 2004

[1]    Hallicrafters HT-32 exciter - Looks real good.  Only flaw is
         at the rear of the top perferated lid [at the crease], it has
         split - can not tell by looking at it.   Pickup preferred, but
         will ship.  *****
         $200.00 + Shipping if required.

         *** If unit is picked up - the following can be also taken
                for FREE!!::

         A 39 1/2" X 16 1/2" equipment rack w/shockmounts[?] at
          the bottom of the rack. It has a Jensen Speaker mounted
          underside at the top [which has louvers]. At the bottom is:
          Control panel with GATES in the center.  Configured:
                 [from the left]
                 Mic Recpt  knife switch [MIC]  Bridge adj  knife switch
                 [SPKR] and far right SPKR Level
         The very bottom of the rack has the approx 1" panel/plate with:
                             GATES TYPE MO-4005A-31680

        ALSO: Around 10 years, at least, of QST AND  CQ magazines.
         These will end up in my in-laws furnace [already have gave them
         over 100 lbs of Commodore Magazines [[Remember them!!]]].
         These will be next, if no one shows up for them.  *******

[[Located 9 miles north of Ligonier Pa - off of Rte 711N]]

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