FS: Vacuum Tube and Radio Related Books (Part II)

Chris Trask christrask at EARTHLINK.NET
Tue Nov 23 16:45:28 EST 2004

    I have the following books related to radio and vacuum tubes for sale.
Shipping costs for USPS media mail are $3.50 for the first book and $1.50
for each additional book.  Some books will require additional postage due to
their weight and are noted as such.


Moxon, L.A.
Recent Advances in Radio Receivers
Cambridge, 1949, cloth, XLIB, VG-/-, $12.50
Library pastedown inside FC, library mrkings on pages after title page,
otherwise no markings internally.  Call number on spine, some light rubbing
to cover corners and spine ends.  Most of this book is entailed in the
discussion of noise factor (noise figure), including  theory and
measurement.  Chapters included on the design of amplifiers and mixers with
regard to noise factor, as well as two chapters on the design of IF

Orr, William I.
Radio Handbook
19th ed., Editors and Engineers, 1975, hbk, VG-/-, $15.00
Minor wear overall except for spine damage at bottom from excessive shelf
wear, no markings on pages.  This is a substantial book and is very similar
to the Radio Amateur's Handbook in many ways.  This is a heavy book and will
require extra postage.

Saxton, J.A. (ed)
Advances in Radio Research (2 vol)
Academic Press, 1964, XLIB, VG-/-, $25.00
Library stamp on top and end of block, pencil markings on pages following
title page, no markings otherwise.  Both volumes have tape residue at bottom
of spine, call numbers at bottom of spine, spine lettering and background
color rubbed from handling.  Minor defects, overall, when it is realized
that this set has very little wear in all.  This set is a collection of
papers addressing the subjects of tropospheric propagation, radio refractive
index, surface waves, thunderstorm noise, and more.

Scroggie, M.G.
Foundations of Radio
6th ed., Iliffe & Sons, 1957, VG-/-, $15.00
Lettering on spine is faded from age and handling., pages slightly browned
from age, no markings found on pages.  Very nice reference from the last
days of vacuum tube technology.

Seely, Samuel
Radio Electronics
McGraw-Hill, 1956, cloth, VG+/-, $17.50
Owner's name crossed of on FFEP, otherwise no markings found internally.
Cover and spine are in woderful condition, slight bumping to cover corners
and spine ends.   A very thorough text on vacuum tube theory and
applications, including tunes amplifiers, power amplifiers, oscillators,
amplitude modulation and demodulation, frequency modulation  and detection
and much more.

Spangenberg, Karl R.
Fundamentals of Electron Devices
McGraw-Hill, 1957, cloth, VG+/-, $25.00
Owner's name inside FC, no other markings found internally.  Cover and spine
show very, very little wear.  This is a very thorough undergraduate text on
active devices, and includes a chapter on transistors as well as chapters on
the equivalent circuits of tubes and transistors and noise characteristics.
An exceptionally clean copy of an ageless text.

Terman, F.E.
Electronic and Radio Engineering
4th ed., McGraw-Hill, 1955, cloth, VG/-. $20.00
hbk, VG/- with minor rubbing overall, no markings found on pages.  The last
of the series, this book is an absolute must for those interested in radio
and is exceptionally clean.

Terman, Frederick E.
Radio Engineering
3rd ed., McGraw-Hill, 1947, cloth, VG-/-, $12.50
Owner's name on FFEP, no other internal marking found.  Pages slightly
yellowed from age.  Cover corners and spine ends are slightly bumped.  Top
ends of hinges and cover corners are slightly worn through, some diagonal
creasing on spine.  Despite it's age, this copy of one of the most readily
recognised and respected textbooks on radio theory and circuitry shows just
a slight amount of wear.

Westman, H.P. (ed)
Reference Data for Engineers
5th ed., ITT/Howard W. Sams, 1972, hbk, VG/F, $17.50
Minimal wear to spine and cover, inside is very clean with no markings to be
found.  Dustjacket has some tears, pieces missing along edges.  A great deal
of information on vacuum tubes, waveguides, transmission lines, scattering
parameters, filters, etc.  An essential reference. This is a heavy book and
will require extra postage.



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