FS; HT32, SP600, equip racks, etc.

Joseph Lutz tazzie at LOCALNET.COM
Wed Oct 6 21:23:02 EDT 2004

[1]    Hallicrafters HT-32 exciter - Looks real good.  Only flaw is
         at the rear of the top perferated lid [at the crease], it has
         split - can not tell by looking at it.   Pickup preferred, but
         will ship.
         $200.00 + Shipping if required.

 [2]   Hammarlund SP-600 receiver.  Was in a rack of equipment,
         that I obtained.  All that I have done to it is plug it into wall
         recepticle and it powers up.  Wife wants it out of our garage.
         $200.00 - Pickup preferred, but will ship.  Shipping extra.

[3]    A 39 1/2" X 16 1/2" equipment rack w/shockmounts[?] at
          the bottom of the rack. It has a Jensen Speaker mounted
          underside at the top [which has louvers].
          $40.00 - Pickup only.

[4]    I also have a 59" equipment rack - has 3 shelfs, 2 pull-out - one
        fixed..  [4] power recepts mounted on the top of rack in outlet
        boxes.  [2] Wiremold power strips, one on each side in the rear.
        Unit has rear door.  Rack is on wheels.  [Used to have my 51J-4
        and other Collins in it].  $60.00 Pickup only.

NOTE:   I will give what was the contents of rack [item 3 above] for
        nothing.  I see where a [capstan-I think] is missing on one of the
        Magnecorders - but there should be a lot of goodies for some.
         the following equipment [from top to bottom]:
          [1]  MAGNECORDER MODEL PT 63 AH
          [2]  MAGNECORDER MODEL PT 63-J
          [3]  PANADAPTOR MODEL SA-3 TYPE 5-200
                 MFG BY: Panoramic Radio Products Inc, Mount
                 Vernon, NY
          [SP-600 WAS HERE]
          [5]  Control panel with GATES in the center.  Configured:
                 [from the left]
                 Mic Recpt  knife switch [MIC]  Bridge adj  knife switch
                 [SPKR] and far right SPKR Level
         The very bottom of the rack has the approx 1" panel/plate with:
                             GATES TYPE MO-4005A-31680
         A couple of the units had to be removed from the rack so it could
         fit in my car, [another reason for a pick-up needed].  It is heavy
         so shipping would be pretty high I would expect
         Also have over 10 years of QST and CQ magazines are free for the

         Pictures can be taken on any of the above if required.

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