ARRL Ruins the AM, CW and DIGITAL bands.

LM Picard lmpicard at ALLSTREAM.NET
Tue Oct 26 20:06:22 EDT 2004

I  thought that all ham comms had to be in the clear.  Also all messages
are supposed to be non-commercial in nature.   I would doubt that either
of these requirements would be appropriate for an e-mail service
intended for yachtsmen on the high seas.

Why doesn't this service belong on the "marine bands"?

Brian Carling wrote:

>On 26 Oct 2004 at 9:36, W2AGN wrote:
>>It seems that the ARRL's plan for allowing unattended robot Pactor
>>stations to basically operate without regard to ongoing communications
>>has been proposed so the their rich yacht yuppie friends that are
>>cruising the oceans can have free access to internet email via the
>>Winlink system that is operated on tha amateur HF bands !  They have
>>encouraged some of these yacht yuppies to get their ham license just so
>>the could use this service.  Yes, you read that right !  The ARRL is
>>wanting non hams that cruise the oceans in expensive yachts with six
>>digit price tags to get their license just so they can get free email
>>while on the ocean despite the fact that these people can afford more
>>efficient satelite email service and do the same thing !  I think it's
>>high time that ALL hams let our so called "only game in town that is
>>supposed to be working for our common good" called the ARRL to keep
>>on the internet and off amateur radio !  The operation that they are
>>proposing, will allow unattended Pactor robot stations to transmit and
>>interfere with ongoing communications without you being able to do
>>anything about it !  That means that if you are working that rare DX
>>station and a Pactor robot station fires up on the same frequency you
>>working the DX station on, you will have no recourse in resolving the
>>problem because the Pactor station will be within their full legal right
>>to do so !  Please, lets flood the ARRL directors with email telling
>>that we do not want this to be put into effect.  You can get the email
>>addresses for each director from the ARRL website, so let them know how
>>you feel, and please pass this on to every ham you know !
>> +-+ +-+ +-+ +-+ +-+  John L. Sielke
>> |W| |2| |A| |G| |N|  w2agn at
>You are 100% correct John.
>I am glad that the word is getting out about this travesty - at least
>among a FEW hams with  backbone.
>The other thing is that this German company is getting
>about $1500 to $1600 EACH for the special modem for
>this invasive, nasty mode AND getting tax payers to BUY
>them for the hams in many cases!
>Many local ARES groups have been sold this bill of goods
>as a de facto ARRL Standard digital mode even though the vast
>majority of keyboarding ops have chosen PSK31 and MT63
>etc. as preferred modes for obvious reasons!
>($39 sound card interface versus $1800 modem!)
>I believe that we ar being betrayed. I smell a rat.
>A multi-million dollar one, that has seduced
>Newington. My ARRL representatives have ignored my
>comments and many others. The ARRL Digital Committee
>has ignored sound advice, and members resigned in disgust.
>It's too late, BUT we will remember this sell-out behavior
>the next time that there is an election of ARRL officers!
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