ALERT: Harbor Freight Tools PROBLEMS

Al Parker anchor at EC.RR.COM
Mon Apr 4 20:10:09 EDT 2005

Hi folks,
    I've been happy, too.  Ordered a battery op. drill a mo. or so ago,
plus a spare battery.  A new battery for my US made drill was more than
the total from H.F., and it was not re-stuffable without drastic plastic
surgery.  Drill came, but there was a set of "tin-snips" instead of the
battery.  I called, they said to keep the snips & they sent the proper
battery within a wk, n/c.  Quality isn't the greatest, but the price isn't
the biggest either.
Al, W8UT

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> Must have caught them on a bad day.
> When I got my drill press, a collar was broken during  shipping.
> I called customer service, told them the part number (from the hazy
> drawing in the "manual") and they took my request. I didn't think
> anything would come of it, but two weeks later a package arrived
> with the replacement part.
> Just my .02
> John
> On 4 Apr 2005 at 17:44, Brian Carling wrote:
> I now STRONGLY recommend AGAINST buying from Harbor Freight Tools .
> They have wasted HOURS Of my time and offer NO customer satisfaction
> whatsoever.
> They misrepresented an item as being in stock.
> I have been told FALSE delivery dates FOUR times as this back order was
> pushed back and back and back.
> They use 14 day delivery on the items that they DO have in stock and
> they did NOT
> tell me that something was out of stock when I placed my order.
> BAD experience!
> Their "music on hold" is a laundry list of thiongs that are the OPPOSITE
> of what I experienced.
> The ONE part they did send to me (punch set) arrived damaged.
> I will NEVER EVER buy mail order from these people again and I STRONGLY
> caution anyone else
> reading this against dealing with them unless you want multiple delays
> and back orders.
> I have literally spent HOURS on the phone listening tpo their false
> promises.

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