Collins & Heath equipment wanted

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Apr 11 18:00:02 EDT 2005

I am looking for a couple of Heath items.  I would
rather do some "horse trading" rather than outright
purchase.  The "tax man" (actually property not
income) cut very heavily into my disability income.  I
do have some good trading material including high
power tubes (most new), variable capacitors (including
vacuum), and so on.

The first item is to complete the re-creation of my
3rd primary station and that is a Heath SB-200 (not a
201, 220, or 221).  This will complete my Heath
"SB-Line twins" that I had from 1967 through 1973 when
I got my first Collins S-Line.  Do not need any
modifications, etc.  The cabinet can be in need of a
paint job.  However, would like the front panel to be
in at least good condition and electronically working.
 I have the SB-301. SB-401, SB-600, SB-630, just need
an SB-200.

The second item is any "flavor" of an HP-23 power
supply.  I have a homebrew supply that I am using on
one of my Heath transceivers that works fine.  But, it
is a "bit" larger than the HP-23 and wouldn't fit into
an SB-401 cabinet (too tall) let alone the SB-600.

Also am "kinda" looking for a Collins 30L-1.  Doesn't
have to be "round emblem" and can need a cabinet paint
job.  Again, want the panel to be at least good and be
in working condition.

Glen, K9STH

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