RME-69 question

Dave Phillips phillips at NEMESIS.TUCSON.SAIC.COM
Wed Aug 3 19:00:47 EDT 2005

I tend to watch these (have 3 of them) and they typically go for $150 to 
$250 on ebay.  $75 to $100 would be a real bargain, IMHO.  Get the 
speaker, too, if he's got it, and the external VHF converter.


On Wed, 3 Aug 2005, Bob And Bettina Groh wrote:

> Christian,
> There is a downloadable copy of the RME 69 manual on the BAMA site.
> I have one but had to tear it down a bit to work on some rust problems -- it
> is still waiting to be put back together so no idea of how well it works.
> Pretty cool unit - everything is soldered onto the top plate of the chassis so
> it is a bear to even think about doing any extensive work on.  But it
> certainly should help keep it stable (both thermally and electrically).
> Value?  I have no idea.  Very difficult to say - depends on who wants to buy
> it, condition, etc. As a pragmatic collector (and cheap also!) I would
> guesstimate $50 to $200 with a nominal range of $75 to $100.  Wow, that should
> stir up a ruckus!
> So check it out throughly - make sure it is all there and check for rust and
> the like. Good luck and enjoy.
> 73
> Bob Groh, WA2CKY

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