Chinese Type 889 UHF transceiver

Ray Robinson robinson at SHLRC.MQ.EDU.AU
Mon Aug 29 21:29:36 EDT 2005

Hi Gang,

I'm looking for a manual for a Chinese Type 889 transceiver.

I suppose you want to know what it is.......
It is UHF 200.00 to 499.75mhz, using 4 rotary decade switches,
the last switch does, 000, 250, 500, and 750 khz.
It is transistorised, has indiviual internal cast modules,
discrete componernts, 10.7mhz IF, about 1980 vintage, 
front panel in English, 28vdc in, has a 28 to 5vdc switching powersupply, 
(noisy), so I assume the logic is TTL. It has an OUT of LOCK
light on the front panel, so I assume it has a PLL synthesiser.
Has a SQUELCH control, so possibly FM.
Receiver appears to work, but is deaf.
Transmitter appears to work, puts out 10 watts on Low power.
I have not looked at the spectrum yet, or checked all freqs.

Pics are here......

Main front connector (left)
1 and 2 joined +28vdc in (1 amp on rx, 2 amps on tx low power)
3 and 4 joined ground

Main front connector (right)
1 no connection
2 ground
3 PTT (ground to go into transmit)
4 audio out (will drive a speaker)
5 mic (I think, but not tested yet)
6 no connection

Anybody know this unit, where it was used, history, a circuit?

Ray vk2ilv

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