Dee C. Almquist w4pnt at HIGHSPEEDLINK.NET
Wed Dec 21 14:49:43 EST 2005

Fellow Anchorites......
I have a new service. I can now POWDER COAT Collins, Hammarlund "black box" cabinets in wrinkle black. No its not St James Gray. I did my Hammarlund cab for my SP600 this week & it is beautiful! Seems I have a commercial powder coater right in back yard right here in Waynesboro, Va. And to do this service seems to me very reasonable. I figure the cost of performing this on "black boxes" will be approx. $140. + packing & shipping. Next summer I will be able to "fix" scrapes & dents on cabs. So for the time being, I'm doing just cabs that will only require stipping & painting. 

Down the road I expect to be able to do other finishes, maybe like Heath green. The material used is PPG, major provider of commercial auto finishes & they have couple of hundred colors! I dont know about Ranger-2 cabs, however. I doubt it for it has a lot of red in the gray & is unique. Unique paint only costs me $1k. per color !!! Nope, cant do that. 

Let me know your needs / wants.......
73 es Dee

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