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David Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Tue Dec 20 23:53:30 EST 2005

Here are some items for sale.  Prices do not include shipping.  I will 
ship overseas.

Hallicrafters S-58 AM/FM Broadcast Receiver..........$75 plus shipping
This is a 7 tube receiver, built in to a S-40 cabinet that covers the 
AM-FM broadcast bands. The radio has a built-in speaker. The radio plays 
but needs to be re-capped. Cosmetically, the radio is OK but has some 
minor rust.

Central Electronics Model A Sideband Slicer........$150 plus shipping
This unit can be used with most any 455 kHz IF receivers to accomplish 
SSB filtering. This unit is in pretty nice shape. The front panel which 
is the most important is in very good condition. Under the chassis looks 
good also. The unit is untested as I do not have a receiver to use this 
with. It does have some connecting cables so it has been used in the not 
to distant past. I have verified that the power supply is OK and all of 
the tubes are good. Includes a photocopy of the manual.  The manual 
includes info on hooking this unit up with the Hallicrafters SX-71, 
National HRO-50 and NC-101X, and Collins Radio 75A-2, 75A-3 receivers.

Barker and Williamson Model 410 Distortion Meter......$135 plus shipping
This unit is both a distortion meter and a voltmeter. Includes the 
original manual. This unit can do the following: Measure total harmonic 
distortion of audio amplifiers an modulation of transmitters, Measure 
RMS voltage from 0.1 millivolt to 300 volts AC, Measure decibels from 
-75 db to +52 db, Measure noise levels of audio amplifiers and 
modulation of transmitters

Allied A-2515 Receiver & Matching Speaker...$90 plus shipping
This is a single conversion solid state receiver made from 1967-1971. 
Frequency coverage is 550 kHz to 30 MHz with a low frequency band from 
150-400 kHz. This radio works on 110 volts and 12 volts dc. This unit 
works well and is in really nice shape with a few very minor scuffs. The 
only real flaw is that the BFO knob is incorrect. I do not have a manual 
but they are available from a number of sources.

James Millen 90651 Grid Dip Oscillator (GDO).......$65 plus shipping
Includes 6 coils covering 1.7 MHz to 300 MHz. The 7th coil which covers 
the UHF frequencies is missing. The unit has been tested and does work. 
This is an AC operated unit. Includes a photocopy of the manual.

NRI Professional Signal Tracer Model 33 Radio Tester...$60 plus shipping
This unit includes a four-band TRF radio with 2 tuned stages and an 
audio amplifier. Both sections are similar to the audio and RF-IF 
channels of the Rider Chanalyst and the Meissner Analyst 9-1040. The 
four bands of the NRI-33 cover 170 KHz through 11.4 MHz in four 
continuous ranges. This includes the commonly used IF frequencies as 
well as broadcast and short-wave. Tubes are 6E5 eye tube, two 6SK7 for 
RF amps, 6SQ7 as detector & first AF, 6K6 for audio out and 5Y3 
rectifier. Additional info on this unit can be found here: 
http://oak.cats.ohiou.edu/~postr/bapix/NRIpro33.htm. The unit works but 
it really does need to be re-capped as it appears all original under the 
chassis. The eye tube is nice and bright. I did here a few stations with 
the RF probe attached to a long wire antenna.

Realistic DX-440 AM FM Short Wave Portable Receiver...$90 plus shipping
A real nice DX-440 All Band Portable Receiver with the original box and 
the instruction manual. This is the same receiver as the Sangean 
ATS-803A. The receiver has been well cared for an is in excellent 
condition. This model has a BFO which will allow you to listen to single 
sideband and CW stations as well as AM short-wave. The radio works well. 
Includes a set of batteries.

73 and thanks for looking.
Happy holidays.

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