DX60 - The Plot Thickens

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Fri Dec 30 17:49:02 EST 2005

Well, I had hoped to be on the air today, but my shiny DX60 has 
been tormented with the addition of a RELAY under the chassis
and it was wire dto short things out!

Until I removed this foreign object I was only able to get 80V AC 
from the HV secondary and a LOT Of buzzing sound was issuing 
forth from the power transformer. It didn't like that one little bit!

Unplugged the relay and now I have 275V AC. Does that seem 
high anough AC for a doubler and efficiency supply that is 
supposed to provide B plus for a 6146? It still seems low to me.

Fortunatley for me the relay is socketed. It looks like a PTT mod 
that was wired wrong across the back of the function switch!

Bry, AF4K

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