Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 2 13:54:19 EST 2005

Check the microphone cord shield.  Also, the
microphone or audio stages could be picking up r.f. 
Check your ground on the transmitter.

Glen, K9STH

--- "Alan W. Fremmer" <AWFremmer at AOL.COM> wrote:

Time to consult the experts.  Have been having
problems with hum on  the carrier of the HT-40. 
Replaced all four electrolytic capacitors and  that
seems to have eliminated the hum when the transmitter
is in the TUNE  mode.  However, when switched to AM
there is still a residual buzz. On CW, the note sounds
clean.  All tubes were checked and the weak ones
replaced.  Any suggestions as to where to look next.

Glen, K9STH

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