Signal on 28.635 MHz

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Jan 3 17:42:11 EST 2005

Last night I was checking a local's SSB signal on the
10 meter band.  After we got through I started tuning
around the band and ran across a steady carrier
located approximately at 28.635 MHz.  Although there
are numerous computer "spurs" around that frequency
this particular signal is very different from the
"normal" computer spurs.

First of all, there is no modulation of any type on
the carrier, not even a trace of "hum".  There are
computer spurs on almost the same frequency but the
signal strength of those is such that an S-1 signal
could be easily copied through the spurs.  The signal
is definitely vertically polarized.  When I switch
from a vertical antenna to my 3-element yagi at 55
feet above ground the carrier virtually disappears in
signal strength and the computer spurs take over the

I have checked with "locals" and they are hearing the
same signal again vertically polarized.  I first came
across the signal about 11:00 PM CST last night and it
was as close to 28.635 MHz as I could read on all 3 of
my Collins S-Line receivers and my Collins 75A4. 
Since last night the signal has drifted up in
frequency almost 1 KHz and is now on about 28.636 MHz.

Since I haven't tuned around that part of the 10 meter
band for months I have no idea as to how long the
signal has been on the air.  But, the signal level is
running around S-8 on receivers that have been
calibrated for an S-9 reading of 50 microvolts. 
Because of the fact that the signal level does not
seem to vary this source has to be local.

I have heard from several people around the country
that are hearing signals on 28.635 MHz.  However, all
of those seem to be the "usual" computer "spurs" since
they do have some sort of modulation ("buzz", etc.).

Anyway, I haven't put my 10 meter mobile in the car
and gone looking for the source of the signal. 
However, I am looking for suggestions as to just what
this might be.  Frankly, over the years I have run
into all sorts of signal sources.  But, none as
"clean" as this particular source.

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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