For Sale: Test Eqpt, Transmitter parts and Various Goodies

David Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Sun Jan 16 12:44:32 EST 2005

Here are a some items for sale.  Prices do not include shipping. I will
ship overseas.

Hewlett Packard HP 331A Distortion Analyzer.........$100 plus shipping
Clean working unit. No power cord.

General Electric TC-1 1930's Tube Tester.............$75 plus shipping
Neat art deco looking unit from late 1930's. It tests tubes from the 
1920's to beyond the 1930's as it has some updated tube charts. It will 
test 6L6's, 6V6's, etc. It will test octal, 4, 5, 6 and 7 pin tubes. It 
will not test any miniature tubes. The unit works great. The front panel 
and case are in excellent shape. It includes instructions and tube charts.

Digital Precision 2440 Nixie Tube DVM..................$40 plus shipping
This unit will measure DC and AC voltage, and Resistance. This unit has
been tested and works. It does not include a power cord.

Accurate Instruments Model 158 Transistor Radio Tester..........$60 plus 
shipping This unit is a Transistor Tester,  Signal Generator good up to 
30 MHz and Signal Tracer. The transistor tester portion will test both 
leakage and gain of NPN and PNP transistors reading quality on the 
meter. The combination of these three can be used singly or in 
combination for repairing or restoring vintage transistor radios. This 
unit works and is in excellent condition. It includes the test leads and 
the original manual.

Batch of W.W.II Crystals..............$40 plus shipping
39 Crystals. See photo for frequencies. Here is a link to the frequency
conversion chart

Hewlett Packard HP 410C Voltmeter - Parts or Fix It....$20 plus shipping
Not working. It does not include a power cord or RF probe.

Vintage Westinghouse Portable DC Voltmeter.....$35 plus shipping
This meter in a heavy bakelite measures 0-150 volts and the ranges are
changed by making the appropriate connections to the meter. The ranges
are: 1, 5, 15 and 150 volts. This is a working unit in nice condition.
The instruction card on the inside cover has a date of 1942.

Bud - Neutralizing Transmitting Capacitor...........$25 plus shipping
I have two of these.

485 pF Precision Variable Capacitor with Gear Drive.....$20 plus shipping
Measures 15 pF min and 485 pf max. This capacitor is in excellent 
condition. Nice capacitor for a receiver or a home-brew VFO project.

Unknown Microphone #1..................$20 plus shipping
Neat Brushed aluminum housing. Manufacturer is unknown. Needs a new
cartridge which you can probably get from Radio Shack to work.

Unknown Microphone #2..................$25 plus shipping
Manufacturer is unknown. This does work and was hooked to a Ranger I
when I got it. I saw picture of this mike in one of K2TQN’s columns in QST

Philips 4-65A tube with Ceramic Socket..............$35 plus shipping
Build something! I did check the filament for continuity and it is OK.
No other way to test. The beige background makes the tube
appear burned which it is not!

Thanks for looking.

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