FS: Unusual Wire

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Jan 16 13:56:58 EST 2005

Seven wooden reels of wire. THREE are double-cotton-covered
(DCC) wire of three different gauges. All new and unused,
manufactured by CINEMA IENGINEERING CO. Burbank, Calif.
ALso supplied in this box of wire reels - 4 complete reels of
VERY fine gauge enameled copper wire of various gauges,
mostly hair-thin, for special applications. The D.C.C. wire 
ought to be especially useful to folks repairing or reproducing
antique radio items.

These are all on wooden reels that look like cotton reels, 
about 1" diameter and just over 1" tall.

I would like $19.00 plus shipping for the whole bunch.

73 de AF4K, Brian

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