FS: Ameco, Hallicrafters, & Other Stuff

doc kd4e at VERIZON.NET
Fri Jul 8 19:53:04 EDT 2005

Post-Move Cleaning Out.

1.  Hallicrafters S-214 SW Receiver. Very good condition and works well. 
(Telescoping antenna while functional should be replaced for as-new 
condition.)  '67 solid state model AM, FM (incl. FM-AFC), SW (four 
bands) and multiple connections for antennas, tuner out, speaker/phone 
out, tone control, etc.  Pictures here: http://www.qsl.net/la5ki/s.htm 
(Osterman's lists this model as "Very Scarce", I just know that I cannot 
afford to collect radios and need funds toward two Rohn 45 sections!)
Asking $65. including shipping conus.

2.  AMECO AMECO Model PCB Pre-Amp, ON AIR display, etc. shack
accessory.  Plugged it in and it lights up, I had fogotten to
specify that it had to be 12VDC when I bought it online.
Asking $15. incl shipping conus.

3.  James Millen Transmitting Condenser.  Huge and nice!
Type: 04050  Capacity: 50  Voltage: 6000
Beautiful geared "T" drive.  One upper ceramic strip was cracked
in transit and will need to be repaired or replaced.
Asking $20. including shipping conus.

4.  75 Ohm Low Pass Filter in grayish-green painted copper
box w/SO-239 connectors.  Legal power low-pass under 30MHz.
Asking $10. shipped conus.

5.  Grab-Bag:  25W UHF amp, unknown mfr and specs (came with a bunch of
Motorola parts), untested as-is.  Pair of Azden hand mics model PCM-463.
Texas Instruments PDA/Calculator PS-6500 works 128mb w/original manual.
Drake TR7 Case top w/extra holes.  Atlas 350-PS empty power supply case.
Misc. internals from old General Radio sig gen. Randix Multiband radio
(FM/TV/FM), a small 4x4x2" gadget w/telescoping antenna.  Missing 
battery cover but powers up and makes noise ;-)
Asking $20. plus actual shipping or pick up in Hudson/NPR, FL

Will swap it all plus $20. cash for one clean section of Rohn 45
(I actually need two sections) in central FL ... I will deliver
this stuff & pick up the section(s).

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

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