Halli HA1 Keyer help

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon Jul 11 08:00:03 EDT 2005

I would check all of the voltages on the tubes first.
If they look close to correct, then I would replace the timing capacitors.
If you haven't already replaced the electrolytic caps in the power 
supply that would
be a really important step to get done while you have it open too.
I bet that fixes the problem.
You should also check the resistances of the potentiometers while you 
have it open.


Rinkie & Ron Pollack wrote:

>Any experts out there on this item?
>I can't get the weight and balance to work.  The dots are too short (when
>measured on an ohmmeter, cannot get half scale.)  Did the balance procedure
>per manual.  It works, but the space between constant on and where the dash
>starts is only about 20 degrees of rotation.  I seem to remember a bigger
>gap.  I replaced V3, and substituted for the other tubes, with no change.
>Measured the voltages, and pin 7 (grid of V3A) should be -12, but is -40.
>Checked the resistances of all the associated resistors, and they seem ok.
>Only discrepancy is that the balance pot, 500K, measures only 300K.  I don't
>remember ever having a pot change so much!  I'll replace it, but need to be
>sure that it's a linear taper, and what wattage is appropriate.
>Any help or ideas out there?
>Ron K2RP
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