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Sun Mar 6 18:31:56 EST 2005

 > Jack Taylor wrote:
> Like it or not, the ARRL has defended our amateur privs since its inception.
> No one else has consistently done so.  Removing ourselves from the
> organization
> will only weaken our cause.
> If nothing else, this current dispute only high-lights the need for we
> collectively,
> to participate more actively in the policy making process.  As non-members,
> we can't do that.

The ARRL, as with all human-created organizations, is imperfect.

It is my view that the problem as stated is not really with the ARRL, it
is a representative organization that is acting on behalf of the subset
of its membership who speaks to it with authority, the problem is that
the rest of the membership fails to leverage their authority to impact
ARRL decisionmaking.

As with the American system of government, if ARRL members fail to
inform themselves and to see to it that their peers are informed,
those are informed are able to control the organization.

ARRL members who fail to vote intelligently when elections come around
end up electing people who do not effectively speak for them inside of
the ARRL organization.

Rather than withdrawing from the ARRL perhaps concerned Hams need to
form an ARRL-lobbying organization with clearly stated goals.

If each member of the ARRL-lobbying organization recruited at least one 
new ARRL *and* ARRL-lobbying organization member every 3 months of 
membership in the ARRL-lobbying organization they could remain a voting 
member and the organization would increase in authority.

When the ARRL-lobbying organization then spoke to the ARRL it would
speak with a voice that could not be ignored.

I know that organizing Hams is like herding cats but if the
agenda were kept simple, clear and free of personal egos and
petty politics, and name-calling were avoided it could be done.

Pick an attractive name, create a simple organization, define
the mission, and promote it.

There either is a sufficient quantity of concerned licensed
Hams to make it work or there is not.

This is done every day in American politics, there is no reason
it cannot be done in Ham radio -- just takes some time and effort
beyond declaring the ARRL defective and implementing a solution
to fixing what folks believe to be broken.

I am not speaking to or about any individual as I have been
listening to the complaints for 40 years and have from time
to time been among those complaining!

I do not have the time to organize such an effort but would
be willing to assist in a small way depending upon the
contents of the misson statement and the quality of leadership.

I am not sure there is a single list, or group of linked lists,
where this sort of discussion is best held -- but it clearly
needs to be held and really should include all Hams, ARRL
members and non-members alike -- for the good of the hobby.


Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

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