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Sun Mar 6 19:52:02 EST 2005

This is a puzzling answer.

Skip doesn't have "followers."  Not as far as I know.
Who are they anyway? Can you tell us that way we can go to them.

I will go to anyone who will do more to combat the menace of 
unattended robots, even ARRL Officials.

I am happy to report that I got a VERY positive reply from Jim 
Haynie about this earlier today, and I found out that there are
some moves afoot for some better HF band plans that will help
reduce or eliminate the present mess with the Pactor Robots.

If that is the case, I might as well re-join ARRL.

All I ask for is a little common sense instead of the present digital 
mess, and the frequent absurd proposals to elimintae AM, to 
eliminate home-brewing or to add high speed digital modes that 
are 20 kHz wide (yes) on our HF bands.

Pete, I looked at your suggested web page:

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
It is vague enough that I have no idea of the details of what they 
are talking about, but it could be very good.

It could be also that if nothing else we should be glad that they 
are at last TALKING about the problem of the unattended Pactor 
robots on HF>

Again, I appreciate this. It is hard to  keep up with all that is 
happening, and I know Jim Haynie is hopeful about working these 
things out.

I am sure that he and the ARRL Officers & Directors must be 
under enormous pressure from all kinds of different interests
within our fraternity.

I am glad that the ARRL has plenty of good folks who share my 
desire to
make things better, so that I don't have to vote with my feet.
I am sure many others feel the same way about these concerns.

All the best - Brian, AF4K

On 6 Mar 2005 at 14:25, Peter A Markavage wrote:

> You might want to read this from the ARRL: 
> Pursuant to due notice, the Executive Committee of the American Radio
> Relay League, Inc., met by telephone conference at 8:10 PM Monday,
> January 17, 2005, for the purpose of discussing the Committee's
> recommendations to the Board with regard to the draft bandwidth
> petition. See:
> Even though you may not want to support the ARRL, the League will
> continue to support the entire Amateur Radio Service.
> If you run into a BPL issue, or some other nasty Amateur Radio issue
> in your area going forward, maybe you should take it to Skip Teller,
> KH6TY, or one of his followers. > > Pete, wa2cwa > > > > On Sun, 06
> Mar 2005 04:55:27 -0500 "Brian Carling" > <bcarling at> >
> writes: > > Guys - I have just received two solicitations in the U.S.
> mail > > from ARRL to renew my membership. > > > > I could easily
> afford it... > > In fact I have been an ARRL member since 1975... > >
> Here is why I will NOT be renewing after THIRTY YEARS: > > > > In my
> opinion the ARRL leadership team has been selling > > us down the
> river and refusing to listen to good reason. > > MANY radio amateurs
> have contacted our officers and > > representatives on this issue only
> to be met with a stone > > wall. > > > > I am so very sorry to have to
> give up on the organization that > > I have loved and believed in for
> over 30 years. > > > > They had their chance, but they ignored sound
> advice. > > They refused to even discuss it in most cases. > > > >
> Here is my explanation: > >
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