Radio Activity 2005

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Fri May 20 16:28:00 EDT 2005

Hi guys,

The Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club is about to have their big shindig 
called -
"Radio Activity 2005."

I am really surprised that there is never any discussion of this great 
annual event
on the various Boatanchor groups... it's a great source of old radio 
parts, rigs etc.

I highly recommend the MAARC organization for anyone intereted in old 
radios in the
Maryland-DC region. (They also used to have a wonderful monthly auction 
held in
Burtonsville, MD at the 7th Day Adventist church there)


73 de AF4K, Bry
Ex-Gaithersburg, and now in Florida.

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