FS: KW Tank, Crystal Calibrator, DIAL

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Wed May 25 17:26:27 EDT 2005


KW Rated Tank Circuit - heavy duty 250 pF variable and coil.
Inductance of 1.5 uH using 8 turns of 3/16" copper, 2.5" diameter
and 5.5" long.
Split stator type variable capacitor has 125 + 125 pF = 250 pF total.
The tank circuit will tune as-is from below 14 to 30 MHz.
Variable cap rated for 3 KV final. Comes with mounting hardware and nice 
ceramic standoffs.
Available for $18.00 plus shipping.

Frequency standard / Crystal Calibrator - by Data Engineering Co.
Has switchable output markers on 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 and 400 kHz.
This is the BEST calibrator I have seen. Great for boatanchor receivers
and other applications requiring a precision frequency source.
Runs on internal 9V Battery. Output is via RCA phono jack in the rear.
QTY 1 only available for $35.00 plus shipping.

James Millen Company DIAL Assembly, Brand New.
Never used - has 6 dial scales and beautiful silky-smooth reduction drive.
Ideal for homebrew receivers and converters or as a VFO dial.
Has that "just right" feel for vintage equipment.
Available for $35.00 plus shipping.

Pictures and details of all the above are found at:

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