FS: HRO-60T & ABCD coils

Christian R. Fandt cfandt at NETSYNC.NET
Sun Nov 6 12:37:11 EST 2005

I'm having to cull the herd to pay some bills. I have for sale a National 
HRO-60T with four coils - A, B, C, and D.

Unit works well, cosmetically around a seven or maybe better.

It is a later production unit according to the appearance underneath the 
chassis (e.g., no wax-dipped paper caps, just ceramic-tubed paper caps). 
The power transformer had been replaced with one from an older model about 
four years ago. The 5 V winding on the original had an apparent shorted turn.

Price is $450 with four coils, plus shipping from 14701. Coils boxed and 
shipped separately for safety. Two packages shipped, one rather hefty of 
course. Reasonable offers considered.

Photos on request. No website to post 'em.

Thanks much,

Chris F.


Christian Fandt,    Electronic/Electrical Historian
Jamestown, NY  USA      cfandt at netsync.net
         Member of Antique Wireless Association
         URL: http://www.antiquewireless.org/  

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