Q-Probe ---- what is it??

Joseph Trombino Jr w2kj at BELLSOUTH.NET
Mon Oct 3 15:52:51 EDT 2005

I recently picked up at a hamfest (mostly for the vernier drive) an old 
device called a "Q-Probe" made by Van Norman Industries, Inc N.H.

This hand-held size device is housed in a gray hammertone case.

Inside, it has what looks like a dual 365pfd variable cap, a diode, two wire 
wound coils (like air dux coils), a 10K and 220K resistor and a .01 

On the back of the unit is an RCA phono jack(un- labeled) connected to one 
end of an air wound coil, a one pin jack also un-labeled that connects to 
the 10K resistor, one screw terminal labeled "A"  connected to another air 
wound coil and another screw terminal labeled "G" which connects to the 
ground side of the variable capacitor.

Does anyone know what this device is???  Some kind of antenna measuring 

Interesting old piece of junk....was just wondering about it as I had never 
seen or heard of anything like this in ham radio (licensed since 1962).

                                        73, Joe W2KJ

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