6 and 2 meter rigs

Brian AF4K bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon Oct 3 13:28:00 EDT 2005

On 3 Oct 2005 at 11:22, JC Quinn wrote:

> The TR-106 and TR-108 were attractive rigs and in my limited experience
> worked quite well but on AM only.  I wouldn't mind having the pair with
> the matching VFO myself, BUT they would be only for display and nostalgia.
> I don't know what part of the country you are from, but there is very
> little AM on 6 and 2 meters in the SE and I'll bet most other parts of the
> USA as well. 

Actually there are a number of 6m AM nets around the country,
mostly on 50.4 MHz AM, and several even on 2m AM also.
I know one group that uses 8025 kHz crystals to get on 2m AM.
I think 144.450 MHz is their frequency.

There is a weekly net in the Metro Washington DC area 
on  Sunday mornings and also a net on Tuesday evenings 
in Orlando Florida. A lot of these are old nets that are 
not ADVERTISED and pushed, but the guys on them have 
in some cases met every week for over 35 years!

There are probably a few otherrs that we do not know about.
And when the band is open, you can work a LONG 
way on 6m AM for sure!

Never give up 6m and 2m AM!!

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