Vintage Heath SWR Bridge and Hi Z desk microphones FS

Mon Oct 3 11:42:40 EDT 2005

Heath items For Sale:

Heath AM-2 SWR bridge
This unit was made to match the older transmitters such
as the DX-40 and DX-60.  Everything is original, but there
are some scratches on it, but not near as bad as many I
have seen.  It works fine.  $20  

Heath HDP-21 desk microphone
This is the older style with more chrome and no brown 
on it, like was used with the earlier SB line (SB-100, 
101, 400, 401).  Of course it can be used any place a 
high impedance microphone is needed. With paper 
work for $65.

Heath Desk Microphone
This is the brown Heath desk microphone, with chrome
head, that was sold with the later Heath rigs. Hi Z. It has 
the black Heathkit label, and a PTT bar. The actual stand 
is in almost perfect condition. It works great.  $65

EV Desk Microphone
Basically this is the same as the Heath brown desk
microphone (above), but it does not have the Heath
name on it.  It says EV.  Hi Z. One small paint spec off,
about the size of a pin head.  It works fine.  $60

Heath IP-2728 bench power supply
This power supply is good for up to 15 V DC at up to 500
ma.  The voltage is variable down to about half a volt.  It
has current limiting that is adjustable as well.  It is really a
very versatile power supply.  It is in the Heath blue color 
scheme.  This one works fine, looks great, and includes
paper work for $45.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

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