Heathkit TV: Ebay funny

Richard Post postr at OHIOU.EDU
Sun Oct 23 16:17:43 EDT 2005

That's cause "the missing part" was shipped in a separate box.  How 
do I know?  I've got the identical complete box of parts sitting on a 
shelf.  With that single item in a separate box.

These TV kits were often built by students in tech schools as part of 
the program.  I have a second one that is partly built.

I'll be curious to see how much this one goes for.

Might be fun to build it!

73 de Rich KB8TAD

At 11:04 AM -0700 10/23/05, paul hendershott wrote:
>You gotta love it! Check out Item# 5822247717 .   I don't think you 
>need to check the parts list to find this missing part!

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