Wanted: Nickel plated cover for 2 7/8th" O.D. National vernier dial

Robert E Lozier kd4hsh at JUNO.COM
Sun Oct 23 16:34:19 EDT 2005


I recently picked up a neat little two tube regen portable set of about
1934 vintage.  Must have been a kit...  Has four plug in coils for ham
bands & 4 SW broadcast bands....  

The little RX is complete except for the nickel plated cover for the
shaft locking collar on a tiny National vernier dial....  (Molding has a
max O.D. of 2 7/8" - the little cover fits into a 3/4" dia. recess. -
smallest National dial I've seen...)

Got one you can part with?

Robert E. Lozier, Jr.
600 E. Green St.
Monroe, NC 28112 USA
E-mail: kd4hsh at juno.com
Web site: www.homestead.com/kd4hsh/index.html


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