Caps in series

Garey Barrell k4oah at MINDSPRING.COM
Sun Oct 30 11:32:58 EST 2005

Ron -

IF you remove the outer cardboard cover of the old cap, you will find 
two capacitors in series inside.   They were probably selected for about 
the same capacitance value.

Modern electrolytics are MUCH more accurate in value (back then, most 
electrolytics were +80 - 20% tolerance) and can be seriesed without 
concern.   I would use a pair of 47 uF at 450 though, to give a little 
more margin for unbalance.   It  would also be a good idea to remove the 
existing bleeder resistor, and replace it with one of half the 
resistance across each cap.

73, Garey - K4OAH

Rinkie & Ron Pollack wrote:

>Just acquired a Globe Scout 90 in fair shape.  Manual calls for a 22uf 700V
>filter.  Can't find a listing for 700 V, so I'll put 2 47uf 350 in series.
>Would like to put resistors across them to equalize, but unsure of
>resistance and wattage.  Any help?  Alternatively, anyone know of a source
>for 700 (or higher) volt electrolytics?
>Ron K2RP

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