Tri-X 500 Transceiver - Anybody ever seen one??

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Fri Sep 23 22:27:06 EDT 2005

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Subject: Tri-X 500 Transceiver - Anybody ever seen one??

> Going through a bunch of brochures and catalogs I got last weekend, I 
> found a brochure for a Tri-X 500 transceiver which I vaguely recall 
> hearing about years ago. Their is no date on the brochure but I would 
> guess mid 1960's. Here is a photo that I scanned of the radio.
> This is a 500 watt 80-10 meter SSB, CW and FSK radio using a 4X150 for the 
> final.  if their is enough interest I'll post the 4 page brochure on a web 
> page.
> Has anyone ever seen one of these? Were any sold or was it just a 
> prototype?
> Dave N7RK

Howdy Dan:

I owned a Tri-X500 in the late sixties/early seventies and it was a fine 
transmiter....not transceiver.

The main tuning mechanism was superbly smooth and the multi-position 
switches had a very smooth and unique feel to them.

The chassis was unique in that it appeared to be completely cast with 
separate compartments for various sections.....unlike compartments with the 
sides screwed was very solidly built indeed.

Not sure how many were made but they were a very popular transmitter in the 
late least in Staten Island, old QTH:-)

Would sure like to see the pictures of the brochure.

                                    73, Joe W2KJ 

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