[Boatanchors] Tri-X 500 Transceiver - Anybody ever seen one??

BSugarberg bsugarberg at CORE.COM
Fri Sep 23 22:27:15 EDT 2005

Hello Dave,

The June, 1963 issue of 73 Magazine has an ad by Tri-State Electronics, 
Inc., Falls Church, VA, advertising the Tri-X-500.  "Distributed in the
New York area by Two-Way Radio Communications, Staten Island, NY."  The
index to the June, 1964 issue of 73, states that the Tri-State last
advertised in June, 1963.

73, Bruce WA8TNC
David Hollander wrote:

> Going through a bunch of brochures and catalogs I got last weekend, I 
> found a brochure for a Tri-X 500 transceiver which I vaguely recall 
> hearing about years ago. Their is no date on the brochure but I would 
> guess mid 1960's. Here is a photo that I scanned of the radio.
> http://members.cox.net/n7rk/tri-x%202002.jpg
> This is a 500 watt 80-10 meter SSB, CW and FSK radio using a 4X150 for 
> the final.  if their is enough interest I'll post the 4 page brochure on 
> a web page.
> Has anyone ever seen one of these? Were any sold or was it just a 
> prototype?
> Dave N7RK

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