FS;Nat'l Receivers

ddswl ddswl at CENTURYTEL.NET
Wed Sep 28 19:51:24 EDT 2005

I bought a National HRO and a HRO-7 "parts"  receivers. Howeever I have them
working so I do not want to part them out.
One is an HRO that has been (not by me)
"upgraded" to an HRO-7 plus a 3rd(?) IF.
No cabinet, power supply, coils or spkr. On a 1-10 scale the front panal is
an 8.
The HRO-7T  works, cabinet is ruff, no coils, power supply or spkr. A money
order for $75 (each) plus shipping, conus only.
If you are interested, please e-mail me direct.  Many Tnx----Doug
   ddswl at centurytel.net

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