GB> What BA's Use the 2625w Tube?

Al Parker anchor at EC.RR.COM
Fri Apr 14 13:23:49 EDT 2006

With all due respect to the "Rev. Fr." , that's a lousy way to do it.
Most lists do it the way this list does, and most people like it.  It's
very hard for some of us to remember which (few) lists go to "everyone"
when reply is used, and as a result sometimes personal notes intended for
the sender only get sent to the complete list.  I have argued against the
way you suggest on the 1 or 2 lists I'm on that do it that way.  I'm on 10
or 12 lists in total.  I think more people are able to remember that
"reply to all" means just that & includes the sender, than can remember
that "reply" means "reply to all and not to the sender directly".
Al, W8UT
resident grouch,
apprentice annoyer

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From: "Rev Fr Mark Gilstrap" <orthodoxhome at COX.NET>
Sent: Friday, April 14, 2006 12:58 PM
Subject: Re: [BOATANCHORS-TEMPE] GB> What BA's Use the 2625w Tube?

> Dear Listowner,
> You currently have the BOATANCHORS "reply-to" set as:
> Reply-to= Sender,Respect
> This may be exactly how you want it and this may have been discussed
> If so, please forgive my presumption in the following:
> If you set the reply-to parameter to:
> Reply-To= List,Ignore
> then everybody's replies will, by default, go to the list instead of to
> author
> You can always still choose to send private replies, but discussions
> stop just because someone doesn't make the effort to specifically
> the List address in their Reply.
> I bring this up because I didn't see Brad Thompson's note to doc in the
> archives, and would not have ever seen it if doc had not made the extra
> effort to reply to the list.
> Mark Gilstrap
> listowner of ORTHODOX at  since 1989

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