GB> What BA's Use the 2625w Tube?

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Sat Apr 15 10:05:13 EDT 2006

I am one of the "guilty" parties who often replies only to the poster or to
the respondent to my post. I always thought that I was saving other's time
by not boring them with my thread while still allowing a venue for me to
send and receive information pertinent to my specific needs. Having read
Walt and Ron's posts I now have a totally different view and it makes
perfect sense. I do feel, however, that it saves bandwidth and time by only
sending a reply and not including the post that you are replying to. After
several back and forths the thread can get quite lengthy. The key here is to
not alter the subject line which aids in keeping the posts associated with
each other. In this particular post, where the subject line does not reflect
what this thread is about, the subject should have been renamed and
discussed as a separate issue since posting etiquette has nothing to do with
2625w tubes. These reflectors are terrific!

Thanks for your time,

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From: "Ron Lawrence KC4YOY" <kc4yoy at CAROLINA.RR.COM>
Sent: Friday, April 14, 2006 6:34 PM
Subject: Re: [BOATANCHORS-TEMPE] GB> What BA's Use the 2625w Tube?

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> From: Walt Van Arsdale <varsdale at VERIZON.NET>
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> | I can assure you that there
> | are those of us who relish each new morsel of information!  :)
> Walt, I agree completly, the sharing of information is what these
> lists are all about. Unless the reply is of a personal nature, I think
> it should go to the list. All of the groups I have set up are set for the
> replies to go to the group, AWA, CC-AWA & TCA.
> 73, Ron

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