Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sat Apr 15 19:14:51 EDT 2006

The "must clean up" gene is present in at least 99.9%
of the female human species.  It takes many years of
VERY careful "training" until the female spouse will
allow the male to have at least one section of the
house for his "junque".

I will have been married for 41 years come this June
12, and my wife lets me have the radio shack and one
bedroom (all 3 of our daughters are long gone -
married) for a shop.  Now the shop does bring in extra
money (repairing boat anchors for others) so that room
does meet her approval.

My home office, where this computer is located, gets
somewhat cluttered.  However, since she uses the
computer more than I do she usually attacks the office
before it gets really cluttered.

Glen, K9STH

--- "Comarow, Avery" <ACOMAROW at USNEWS.COM> wrote:

Why are the women in your life determined to make this

Glen, K9STH

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