Want info on General Transformer Corp and/or PEE WEE Transmitter

Don Buska D.Buska at ADVANTEST.COM
Fri Apr 21 10:07:18 EDT 2006

Hi All,

With the arrival of my 1938-39 Pee Wee Transmitter I want to begin
gathering information on it and the manufacturer. The transmitter I have
was modified throught the years. A quick look last night appears the 6L6
output was changed to a pi network via the addition of a second variable

I want to return the transmitter to it original configuration if

So my requests:

1. Does anyone have any specific information on the General Transformer
Corp (Chicago) like catalogs from the 1938-39 timeframe?

2. Does anyone have any specific information on the GTC Pee Wee

All I've found on the Pee Wee were brief specs in the Moore and Rippen
transmitter books. Both books used the same picture. I searched both QST
and Radio magazines from 1938-39. It appears that GTC was on their way
out at the time. GTC had many ads in earlier magazines for their big
rack transmitter kits. However, only one ad appeared in early 1938 from
them in both QST and Radio. So perhaps GTC was "no more" by the early

BTW, GTC does exist today down in Texas, but they have no relationship
to the GTC from the 30's in Chicago.


Don N9OO

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