Johnson microphone and phone patch FS

Fri Apr 28 16:44:32 EDT 2006

For Sale:

Johnson Viking Phone Patch - Model 250-46

This phone patch is made to be mounted vertically 
beside the rig.  It is about 6 inches high, 2 inches 
wide and 3 inches deep.  It is possible that the face 
plate can be removed, and it made to be mounted 
horizontally, but I have not done that.  The reason I 
say this is that there are feet on the bottom, and on 
the left side.  Maybe the feet on the left side are to 
protect the rig.  In any case, it has 3 pots on the 
front for Null, Receive Volume, and transmit gain, 
along with a switch for phone patch or microphone.  
On the back is a terminal strip for speaker and 
phone line.  The microphone has the 2 pin Amphenol 
connector like used by Johnson and many others 
in that era, with a female on the chassis, and a 
male at the end of a cord.

Cosmetically, I can not find a scratch on it.  Paint is 
nice and lettering close to perfect.  There is a very 
minor scratch by the switch that switches between 
microphone and phone patch.  $45

Johnson High Impedance hand microphone

This hand mic is dark gray in color, and has the Johnson 
Logo in the middle on the front, with Johnson written out 
toward the bottom of the front.  It is a high Z crystal mic, 
like was used on most of the Johnson boat anchor rigs.  
Stripped leads on the end of the coiled cord.  It has very 
good output, and looks nice as well.  $30

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

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