Several CW keys FS

Sat Apr 29 07:26:46 EDT 2006

CW keys for sale:

Birnal Electric Manufacturing Co. solid brass key
This key has a rectangular base, similar to the Nye 
Viking Speed-X 320-001, but somewhat larger, thicker, 
and heavier duty.  It is all brass, in every part, except for 
the nice Navy Knob.  The contacts are about 3/16 inches 
in diameter, instead of just points as some keys have.  
The action on this key is the finest I have ever used.  
Really superb.  Cosmetically, I have not cleaned it, as I 
do not want to destroy the "patina" of the brass.  It is in 
nice, 100% working condition.  $100

Speed-X chrome key with rectangular base
I can not find the Nye Viking model number for this one.
It looks like the Nye Viking 320-001, except it is chrome 
plated, instead of black crinkle.  It might be the 320C-003 
as shown at 
except this one does not have a shorting switch.  It is 
similar to the key at the extreme right shown at except it 
is chrome on both the base and mechanism. It has a nice 
Navy knob, and very nice action.  Being chrome plated, it 
looks very nice.  $75

Military J-38 key
This is the "standard" straight key that has been used by
the military for years and years.  Shorting switch is included,
along with many adjustments, so it can suit your fist.  The 
black bakelite base is in good shape, as is the key itself.
Everything works fine for $38.

Speed-X Nye-Viking 310-003 
The Speed-X 310-003 is the classic oval design (similar
to a J-38), in black crinkle.  It has a shorting switch.  It 
looks really great, and of course works fine.  $35

Generic straight key
This is a generic CW straight key with a plastic 
base. The key is nothing fancy, however, it is 
mounted on a very nice piece of Oak wood, that 
makes it look very nice.  Cable included for $30.

Generic brass colored, oval base key
This is similar to a J-38 (without the bakelite base), but is 
a Japanese copy.  It is brass colored, but is not real brass.  
No shorting switch.  It works fine and looks fine.  $15

Other CW items:

Bencher BY-1 Paddle
Standard Bencher with black base and chrome parts.  
In very, very nice condition for $ 65.

MFJ 422 B-X electronic keyer 
This keyer includes sidetone, and has adjustments for 
volume, tone frequency, and weighting, as well as speed. 
It will key either positive or negative voltages, and is 
powered by an internal 9 V battery, or external 5 to 9 
volt supply. 
It is made to go on the back of a Bencher Paddle.
It works 100%, and looks great also.  With paper
work for $45.

Cable for paddles
This cable is about 3 feet long, and has 1/4 inch stereo
connector on the end, like used by most rigs.  It looks
great.  $8

Cable for straight key
Similar to cable for paddles, but has a mono 1/4 inch
phone plug on it, as is used with a straight key.  $5

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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