I Am Cursed!

Richard Arland, W3OSS richard.arland at VERIZON.NET
Thu Aug 3 13:03:05 EDT 2006

Saga of the PRC-64:

The xtals came in and the receiver came up with virtually no problems. 

Ah, the transmitter......
Chnls 3 & 4 came up with no problems. Chnl 2, 3560, was a different story. I managed to eroade the slot in the oscillator slug (the small one) and it will not turn. The pa coil adjusts with no problems. 

My sitution is: how do I get the chnl 2 osc slug loose so I can align the transmitter? I do not relish the idea of disassembling the transmitter portion to try and get to the other end of this coil from the back side of the coil form. 

Any sure-fire cures out there for get me and my radio "back in the war?"

73 Rich W3OSS

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