need a 100K-Megaohm resistor (100 Giga-Ohm)

Steve Byan stevebyan at MAC.COM
Mon Aug 7 14:54:37 EDT 2006

On Aug 7, 2006, at 10:17 AM, Alex [Temple Boatanchors] wrote:

> For a hobby electronic project I am looking for a 100.000-Megaohm  
> resistor (that would be 100 Giga-ohms). Yes you read it right, in  
> the 1969 project's article it's specified as 100K Mega-ohm. It is  
> needed on the grid of a CK5886 Electrometer tube (already have it)  
> so it can detect the tiny potential of ions present in the  
> surrounding air. The resistor body was usually encased in glass to  
> avoid contamination of the resistive film, and the article states  
> that back in the late 60's these where manufactured, among others,  
> by the Victoreen Company. Please let me know if anyone happens to  
> have one that is surplus to your needs.

I don't know what they are charging for them, but a Google search  
shows that Ohmite still makes and sells Victoreen Hi-Meg resistors:

An inventory search on the part number RX-1M1009 shows that Ohmite  
has 167 of the 10% tolerance variety in stock at the factory. Ohmite  
doesn't list a price.

Online Components has two of the 5% tolerance variety in stock at  
$54.84 a piece:

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