need a 100K-Megaohm resistor (100 Giga-Ohm)

Alex [Temple Boatanchors] temple.boatanchors at MIWWW.COM
Mon Aug 7 10:17:38 EDT 2006


For a hobby electronic project I am looking for a 100.000-Megaohm 
resistor (that would be 100 Giga-ohms). Yes you read it right, in the 
1969 project's article it's specified as 100K Mega-ohm. It is needed 
on the grid of a CK5886 Electrometer tube (already have it) so it can 
detect the tiny potential of ions present in the surrounding air. The 
resistor body was usually encased in glass to avoid contamination of 
the resistive film, and the article states that back in the late 60's 
these where manufactured, among others, by the Victoreen Company. 
Please let me know if anyone happens to have one that is surplus to your needs.

I posted a photo of the actual resistor, as shown in the original article.

I could probably use any similar value, but my guess is that it still 
would also have to be very high, and in the Giga-ohm range.


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