100K-Megaohm resistor (100 Giga-Ohm) - thanks

Alex [Temple Boatanchors] temple.boatanchors at MIWWW.COM
Tue Aug 8 09:24:52 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

I am amazed to the overwhelming volume of on/off list responses that 
my query generated, and wanted to publicly thank everybody, specially 
John, Chuck, Mike, Steve, Bill, and others that also took the time to 
reply with possible sources, suggestions, ideas or comments. I will 
be contacting directly off-list the persons that kindly are offering 
me to either possibly supply the resistor itself from their "junk" 
boxes, or provided information on ways to source it. Sorry I've been 
a little slow in responding, work has been busy, but please bear with 
me while I manage to go through the whole list of replies and messages.

Thanks again to everyone, this list is really a great resource.


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