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Fri Dec 15 23:51:38 EST 2006

 > rayfri wrote:
> YEA ....  let's wait and see if the FCC goes one better.    Does away 
> with licensing PERIOD ... just like it did with CB.
> And why not?   Isnt more (or less) better?

Nope, unless it is more Hams who have to pass more
questions -- preferably including reading and interpreting
schematics and some fill-in-the-blanks.

That would reduce the "memorize and forget" passage of
tests and replace the challenge presented by the Morse Code.

Morse Code was more familiar to many who had served in
the military, greater in number from the WWII and Korean
generation than now.  It is an oddity now, even the maritime
world has all but eliminated it.  Ham radio is late to remove
it from the tests, though never from the bands.

Of course, we had LID's on the bands back in the late 60's
when they needed at least 13WPM to gain access to 75M, so
clearly Morse Code was/is not an absolute "LID-filter"

The best LID filter is the Elmer program.


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