GB> Morse Code Requirement Eliminated

howard holden holden7471 at MSN.COM
Sat Dec 16 01:08:18 EST 2006

In defense of  VEs, many VE sessions are held in places requiring rental. There is also postage, printing and other secretarial supplies, perhaps coffee etc., for whoever is taking test, and the testers. None of this is covered by any other means. And sometimes the number of test takers does not even cover the rental! No one is getting rich on VE fees. 

In contrast to the volunteer examiners of years ago, VEs are generally a coordinated group, holding regular session, not testing just one or two individuals. Let 'em have the few sheckels above and beyond the actual costs. Sure beats going into NYC or some other place and having to face some sour-puss Government inspector. Thinking of the guy who gave the Morse tests in NYC back in the late 50s/early 60s. Simon Legree and Miss Frump rolled into one. 

Howie WB2AWQ

Subject: Re: [BOATANCHORS-TEMPE] GB> Morse Code Requirement Eliminated

  Always thought that the VE program was designed and meant to be a "money 
  maker" for certain individuals.
  I wonder HOW the General who gave me my Novice exam back in the 60s 
  could afford to give up his
  valuable time to give me my test with no compensation other than the 
  satisfaction of teaching and testing
  and helping to bring into a great hobby a young kid like me and his own 
  Maybe "they're" right....  it doesnt really pay to do something for 
  nothing or get nothing in return....
  Ray  WA7ITZ

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