Schematic needed and CW

Robert Moulton rmoulton at EMAIL.ARIZONA.EDU
Sat Dec 16 08:02:59 EST 2006

Not to beat this subject to death (my email was pretty full when I got 
to work today), but I have some questions regarding the FCC's current 
changes. I  am currently trying to get my technician license and given 
my interest in older equipment had planned to start w/ CW by passing 
the 5 WPM test (I may end up as one of the last persons to have 
purchased ARRL's "How to Learn Morse Code" guide...).  From looking at 
the new frequency chart it would appear they have done away w/ all CW 
only operating frequencies at least in the HF band. My question is 
this:	Does this mean that anyone who plugs a straight key into their 
transmitter can transmit CW now w/ no training of any kind? Or if you 
want to do CW do you still have to pass the test?

On another note, I am looking for the schematic for Antique Electronic 
Supply's K-101A power supply kit if anyone in the group has put one 
together. I went to work w/o my folder of manuals and schematics. I 
work at a telescope at 10K + ft for a week at a time, so going back to 
get it is a bit of a jog. I've finished everything but the B supply and 
was hoping to finish it  in my spare time this week.  Otherwise I may 
be able to get them to fax it to me Monday.



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