CW controversy

kd4e kd4e at VERIZON.NET
Sat Dec 16 08:25:00 EST 2006

You missed my point.  Some fear the elimination of
CW as a legal mode, that is silly.  CW is fine as one
of many legal modes but why the only one for which we
require a specific test?

The two things for which Amateur Radio has earned it's
respect and holds on to it's continuing spectrum are
disaster/emergency response and technological creativity.

Our tests need to enhance the level of importance and
require a minimum knowledge of these so that we may sustain
the hobby into the future.

A new generation has assumed decision making power in
the controlling bureaucracy and political structure and
we must respond thoughtfully as we formulate Amateur Radio's
argument to hold on to precious and valuable spectrum.

Change is not inherently evil but it can be scary for some.

 > rayfri wrote:
> And we ALL know that anything "old" is useless and not worth keeping 
> around.   Serves no purpose....
> kd4e wrote:
>> Morse Code was more familiar to many who had served in
>> the military, greater in number from the WWII and Korean
>> generation than now.  It is an oddity now, even the maritime
>> world has all but eliminated it.  Ham radio is late to remove
>> it from the tests, though never from the bands.


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