History of the SONAR Radio Company?

kd4e kd4e at VERIZON.NET
Sat Dec 16 19:12:59 EST 2006

 >>> I have been exploring information about the classic
 >>> SONAR products manufactured for Amateur Radio,
 >>> including the following:
 >>> Sonar MB-26  10/11, 6, & 2M Transmitter
 >>> Sonar SR-9   10/11, 6, & 2M Receiver
 >>> Sonar MR-3, 4, & 5 HF Receivers
 >>> Sonar SRT-75 HF transmitter with a 2E22 final
 >>> Sonar SRT-120 for 80-10 using 12by7/5894 for 100w out.
 >> I've got one of the 120s, and several of the long
 >> rack mount HF jobs, if anyone's curious. Very nicely
 >> made gear.  John K5MO
> Sure! Will take some tomorrow ...
> John K5MO

Cool!  If anyone else has SONAR rig photos and info
I'd love to receive them as well.

Long ago I created a Web page for Morrow Radio gear
(I have been unable to access and update it, though.)

It may be fun to create one for SONAR as well.

Yes, I prefer smaller manufacturers with limited
product lines!  ;-)


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
... in sunny & warm Florida  :-)
Thank our brave soldiers this season:
URL:  bibleseven (dot) com

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